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Custom Design

Give your kids a safe place to hang out. When it comes to family fun, why make your kids the visiting team? Give your kids a home court advantage with their own backyard basketball court. It's a great place for the whole family to hang out!

Custom Designed Backyard Basketball CourtsBackyard basketball courts can be made any size from a small backyard basketball court to a full size backyard basketball court. Lighting, fencing, netting, goal systems and hoops are also available. Installation costs depend upon court size, site preparation and components used. Backyard basketball courts can be made in array of colors to blend well with any backyard schemes.

Our backyard basketball courts are made with the finest material that provides protection to growing young athletes with developing joints, as well as seasoned veterans with tender knees, ankles, and lower backs. This helps to increase the amount of time your athletes can play their best, and also offers a consistent surface for optimal ball bounce.